Grilling Tips, Ideas, and Recipes

Learn how to eat healthy by grilling your foods. Here you can find grilling tips, ideas, and recipes, that will add flavor to all your grilled meals.

Smoker Cooking, Grill Cooking, Barbecue Cooking: What’s Your Choice

Smoker Cooking, Grill Cooking, Barbecue Cooking: Is there really a difference? This is a question that is frequently asked and will be answered differently each time, depending on who answers. Smoker cooking, grill cooking and barbecue cooking are 3 different methods of cooking and to ask a room full of individuals the... Read More »

Best Portable Grill Choices For Apartments, Condos and Townhouses

Best portable grill choices for apartments, condos and townhouses will vary depending on your location, preferences and desired features. When purchasing a small grill for a restricted space, there are a couple of things you should be concerned with such as safety, storage, and size. Always make sure that no... Read More »

How To Grill Vegetables: Eating Healthy Just Got Easy

Learning how to grill vegetables is not hard. Vegetables cooked on the grill can really compliment a meal by adding flavor, style and variety to the menu. I first started adding vegetables to my grilled foods menu to change things up a bit. I did not like the idea of having... Read More »

Tips For Grilling Chicken Legs

Grill chicken legs are a summer favorite.  Being that kids love them, they are inexpensive and they taste really good when cooked right, grilled chicken legs seems perfect for the menu. One of the great things about grilling chicken legs is that it is dark meat and dark meat retains its moisture.... Read More »

Grilling Steaks Made Easy

Grilled Steaks Anyone? Steaks are one of the most desirable grilled dishes. There is nothing worst than sitting on the side lines, waiting for the so called grill master to finish grilling the perfect steak, only to find out that the perfect steak did not turn out so perfect after all.... Read More »

Summertime Grilling

The summertime is near and its time for some grilling and outdoor fun. This means cleaning off the lawn chairs, cleaning out the pool, setting up the grill and allowing the backyard adventures begin. Summer bbq is definitely something to look forward to even if it means sharing the spot light with the summer bugs. The... Read More »

Grilling Cookout Safety Tips

Preparing for your backyard barbeque means inspecting your grilling utensils, making sure the grill is clean and working properly, and gathering all of the family favorite foods. With Memorial Day, The Fourth of July, and Labor Day approaching, it would be wise to establish grilling cookout safety tips. Until recently, grilled foods... Read More »

Grill Safety Tips: Preventing Accidents

Grill Safety I can recall some years ago when a close friend of mine called in a frantic rage while driving her son to the hospital. As she struggled to speak, I manage to hear her say that her 3 year old had been severely burned. Much later, once she had... Read More »

Grilling Tips For Beginners

If you are reading this page, its probably because you are doing some research on the “how to’s” and “what not to dos” of grilling. Keeping in mind certain grilling tips, will create a more positive and engaging grilling experience. Grilling is one of the most popular forms of cooking... Read More »

Healthy Grilling Tips And Ideas

Healthy Grilling: An Alternative To Conventional Stovetop Cooking The summer is always associated with outdoor barbecues and grilling. This is the time of the year when people look forward to barbecues,tailgating parties, picnics and of course firing up their grills. Grilling is fun and great for socializing, but it is... Read More »

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