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Healthy Grilling: An Alternative To Conventional Stovetop CookingHealthy Grilling

The summer is always associated with outdoor barbecues and grilling. This is the time of the year when people look forward to barbecues,tailgating parties, picnics and of course firing up their grills. Grilling is fun and great for socializing, but it is also an alternative to conventional cooking. Grilling permits for  a very healthy and economical way of cooking. The cost of grilling when compared to conventional cooking is lower, since grilling allows food to be cooked on high temperatures in a much quicker timeframe. Grilling is presumed by most people to be a healthier way of eating, because most of the fat is removed during the cooking process. Most grilled foods are quick to prepare and much tastier.

Where To Find Grilling Recipes

For most people, grilling seems to limit our cooking options. By doing a little research, one will find grilling recipes are not hard to come by. An unlimited amount grilling recipes can be found online. The foods which come to mind when you think of grilling are hot dogs and burgers, however many foods can be grilled; like fish, vegetables, chicken and meats. Grilling is one of the quickest ways to have a fancy dinner in less than 20 minutes depending on the cooking temperature of your  grill.

Examples of meals that can be prepared by grilling are steak and asparagus, grilled fish and grilled vegetables, and grilled shrimp and vegetables. In a restaurant some of these meals cost upward of $50, when you can enjoy the same type of meal at home without the lengthy wait at a much lower cost. Add a glass of wine with your meal and you have a fancy dinner at a fraction of the cost.

Cooking Healthy: What Foods Can Be Grilled

Vegetables taste great when cooked on a grill. When vegetables are boiled most of the healthy elements in the vegetables are washed way. But when grilled, vegetables have that smoky flavor which is a much welcomed change from the traditional  way of cooking and the minerals are preserved. Almost any vegetable can be grilled except leafy ones such as spinach. Grilled vegetables are a nice side dish to any plate and a very healthy alternative to a burger or hot dog.

One of the healthiest sources of proteins and omega3 is in fish. Fish can be cooked with just a little lemon on a grill for a great change of flavor. Cooking fish this way without adding any sauces and fattening  seasonings to it, makes a healthy food, even healthier. When grilled fish is cooked right all the juices are preserved. Halibut for example, is a very tasty fish  and eating it grilled makes for a whole new tasting experience.

Red meats and white meats are great for grilling. While when cooking in a pan you have to add some oil, when grill you can get a great grilled flavor without all the extra fat that oils add. Since meats are cooked on a very high temperature when grilling, most of the fat is dissolved and the meat retains most its savory flavor. And in the end there is no tastier meat than grilled meats; grilled on the outside and juicy in the inside. Cooking healthy do not have mean sacrificing flavor. You can also marinate your meat with just a dry rub and keep it tender without the need of fatty ingredients.

Finally, grilling is not just for the grillers at heart but also for those looking for a healthy alternative to conventional stovetop cooking.  You do not need to be an expert griller to grill a piece of chicken or a steak .  However, you will need to know some basics. Main courses of many fine restaurants around the country offer grilled foods, because of their unique great taste. Throughout our society grilling is done mostly with family and friends, which creates a great bonding experience and overall healthier environment. Healthy eating equals happy families and a longer lifespan.  So if you are looking for a different way of cooking healthy, considered grilling as an option. You may become a fan of healthy grilling!

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