How To Grill Vegetables: Eating Healthy Just Got Easy

Learning how to grill vegetables is not hard. Vegetables cooked on the grill can really compliment a meal by adding flavor, style and variety to the menu. I first started adding vegetables to my grilled foods menu to change things up a bit. I did not like the idea of having a variety of grilled meats with no veggies on the side. Grilled vegetables can be used as a main dish or as a side dish depending on your preference. Many vegetarians grill there vegetables to change up the flavor. Some people use vegetables as centerpieces. Whatever your reason is for putting vegetables on the grill, the results are the same, healthy eating and a good flavor. There are many vegetables that can be grilled such as onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, corn on the cob, and mushrooms. There are certain vegetables that cannot be grilled because of the water content such as lettuce, spinach, celery, and cucumber to name a few.

How To Grill Your Vegetablesvegetables on the grill

Before grilling your vegetables, you will need to wash them thoroughly. You will also need to make sure that your grill is clean before placing your vegetables on the grill. You can place the vegetables on a skewer to keep them from falling through the grill grate or you can also wrap your vegetables in heavy duty foil paper  before grilling. Once the vegetables are on the grill, you should turn them regularly to prevent burning.

If you choose to marinate your vegetables, you can use olive oil, lemon juice, and or soy sauce. You can place the marinate inside a plastic bag with your vegetables and put the bag inside the refrigerator for about an hour. Once the time has passed, your vegetables will be ready to go on the grill.

Vegetables are a big part of a well balanced diet and by cooking your vegetables on the grill, everyone will enjoy eating healthy. Its surprising that more people don’t grill vegetable since the process is so easy and the rewards are so beneficial. But be careful not to overcook your vegetables.

Here’s a simple guide on how to grill vegetables

Choose vegetables that grill well such as onions, mushrooms, corn on the cob and green peppers

Clean vegetables and cut into small pieces, approximately 3/4 to 1 inch thick

Remove silk if grilling corn

Marinate veggies for about 30 minutes to an hour

Heat up grill on medium temperature

Place vegetables on grill by using grilling basket, aluminum foil or skewers

Turn vegetables often and add more marinade as needed

Remove vegetables when done with a fork or spatula

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