Summertime Grilling

The summertime is near and its time for some grilling and outdoor fun. This means cleaning off the lawn chairs, cleaning out the pool, setting up the grill and allowing the backyard adventures begin. Summer bbq is definitely something to look forward to even if it means sharing the spot light with the summer bugs. The summer has always been my favorite time of the year. This is when we put up the coats and jackets and pull out the shorts and tees. The summer have always been the time of the year when family and friends gather the most for good food, good laughs, and family quality time. After all, those moments are the ones that we cherish more than anything. Grilling is undoubtedly one of my favorite things to do. The smell of char- grilled food is enough to start a neighborhood riot. For added enjoyment, we put on some mellow music, grab a good drink and party into the night.

The summertime not only brings about changes in the weather, but we also notice a change in our moods, food choices, and routines. We pack away the treadmills and instead take walks outside. We switch from indoor swimming to outdoor swimming. Some of us may even clean more. But most of all, we prepare for summer bbq.

Summertime Grilling: Food Safety And Storagesummertime grilling

It is now time to give our traditional stoves a rest, and pull out our grills to indulge in some good old summer bbq. Change is good, but it can also mean doing things differently and being more cautious. For instance, since bugs are more abundant in the summer we do what we need to do to avoid having a bug problem. We tend to not leave certain fruits sitting out, we buy more bug spray and we practice not leaving the doors open for as long. As we begin to use our grills, extra attention should be placed on food safety.

Food safety should be given extra attention when grilling. To help ensure food safety, the following should be done.

  • Always prepare raw foods on clean surfaces to avoid contamination.
  • Keep meats refrigerated until ready for use.
  • Foods that have been sitting out should be disposed of. Any leftovers should be refrigerated immediately.
  • Meats should only be placed on the grill when the desired temperature has been reached.

Now its time to decide what’s on the menu.

Deciding What Foods To Grill

Deciding what foods to grill is never in issue for my family. Anything that can be grilled, has been grilled. Grill masters love experimenting so the menu is always packed with variety. Marinades are great for adding flavor and by using different marinades, our meats become more tender and food flavor is enhanced. The menu always include hot dogs and hamburgers for the kids and steaks and ribs for the adults. But that’s just the beginning. There’s always room to add chicken, fish, vegetables, corn, etc. There is no holding back.

One thing to keep in mine when planning your summertime grilling, is how long to wait before taking part in activities and games. Before engaging in any activity, enough time should be allowed for food digestion. Because cramping most often occurs after eating, it is suggested that a period of at least one hour has passed before getting into a pool. It would be wise to allow at least 15 to 20 minutes to elapse in between eating and any physical activity.

Summer Grilling: Planning Your Outdoor Events

Planning your outdoor events in advance can eliminate unnecessary hassles. Prepare for your summer grilling events by keeping paperplates, cups and plastic utensils handy. This will make cleanup fast and easy. Also, have plastic bags available for trash collecting. No one likes having to clean a dirty yard on a full stomach. If you are planning on taking camping trips, having picnics, or taking party in any outdoor activity, be prepared to take your grill with you by purchasing a portable grill.

When planning your summer bbqs, always put safety first. Buy doing so, you will not only be well on your way to becoming a grilling master, but you could possibly become a hero, by saving the day.

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