Tips For Grilling Chicken Legs

Grill chicken legs are a summer favorite.  Being that kids love them, they are inexpensive and they taste really good when cooked right, grilled chicken legs seems perfect for the menu. One of the great things about grilling chicken legs is that it is dark meat and dark meat retains its moisture. Grilled chicken legs are great for outdoor events suck as tailgating parties, picnics and park outings as long as you prepare your chicken before heading out. Chicken legs are also great as a travel food because it comes with its own built in handle which eliminates the need for paper plates and plastic utensils. The only thing you will need is a paper towel.

Have you ever went to bite into a grilled chicken leg only to discover that it wasn’t cooked all the way? Well, I did and it was not a pleasant experience. As a matter of fact, now when I eat grilled chicken prepared by someone else, I am certain to cut into it first to verify that the chicken is all the way done.  Many grill masters would agree that you do not need a college degree to learn how to grill chicken but you will need to master your skills through practice to achieve the desired results. Until you develop your technique, it will be best to talk to other grillers before jumping into grilling or use can simply boil your chicken legs before placing them onto the grill.

Preparing your chicken for the grill

Boiling your chicken before placing it on the grill is an easy way to make sure that your chicken is cooked all the way through. Because you will be precooking your chicken legs, your chicken will only be on the grill for a short period of time. Boiling the chicken will take away from the flavor some, but will also reduce the risk of someone getting sick from eating raw foods. There are ways in which you can add flavor back into your chicken once its done. Be careful not to over boil your chicken since you will also be placing it on the grill.

Using Rubs

Using rubs will add flavor back into your boil chicken. After boiling your chicken legs, drain the chicken and place it to the side for cooling. Once the chicken has cooled, you can than use a rub to add flavor back into your chicken. You can make a simple rub by combining any mixture of vegetable oil, minced garlic, onions, salt and pepper or your favorite creole seasoning. Apply the rub by brushing the olive oil on to the meat and rub with the seasoning. Now you can sit your chicken to the side and heat up your grill.

How To Grill Chicken Legshow to grill chicken legs

When grilling chicken legs the hardest part is being careful not to over cook it on the outside and under-cook it in the inside. But since you decided to boil your chicken, you won’t have this problem to worry about. Instead, you will need to make sure that you do not over cook your chicken. Remember, you are grilling now for the flavor and those desired grill marks. The normal cooking time for grill chicken will range depending on the type of grill, heating temperature, and the thickness of the chicken leg. I would advise using indirect heat for cooking since you will have already precooked your meat. Precooked chicken legs should not stay on the grill for longer than 5 to 6 minutes per side. Once your chicken is done you can use a brush to apply your choice of barbecue sauce.

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