Weber Smokey Mountain 721001 Cooker 18-1 2-inch Smoker Review


Weber Smokey Mountain 721001 Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Smoker eliminates the need for going out for your favorite smoked meals. Now you can enjoy the taste of slow-smoked ribs at anytime from the comfort of your own home with the Weber Smokey Mountain 721001Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Smoker . This unit delivers in performance as well as style. With this charcoal smoker grill, you get a spacious interior for cooking all of your favorites including smoked ribs, chicken, pork roast, a whole ham and a whole turkey. This Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker is perfect for family cookouts and holiday gatherings. When you’re done cooking dinner, be prepared to enjoy the praises that you’ll be getting. So, can you handle it?

The Weber Smokey Mountain 721001Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Smoker is an updated version of the Weber 2820 and made of porcelain-enameled premium steel. The unit comes with two, heavy, nickel plated cooking grates which makes it possible to smoke your turkey and ham at the same time. Included is a porcelain-enameled water pan which adds steam your meats so that they stay moist, juicy, tender and delicious. The vents on the bowl and lid assist with air flow control and helps the charcoal burn longer. The Weber Smokey Mountain Smoker has nylon heat resistant handles (so need need to worry about burning yourself) and an easy to read thermometer which makes checking internal temperatures a breeze.

What’s A Southerner To Do?

Being from the south, you can just image how I’ve grown accustomed to the flavor of slow-smoked barbecue. While growing up, rib shacks were almost as popular as convenient stores but of course we had our favorite, which was no where near were we lived. We would drive almost 20 minutes away from home to get ribs from this one particular location because they were just that good. No one could do smoked barbecue better. We weren’t the only ones traveling the distance. On every trip we would meet someone else that had traveled a lot further than we did. You could imagine that the lines were just as long as the wait, but this was the kind of barbecue that was worth waiting for.

By the time the order was ready, we were almost ready to eat the ribs while standing in the rib shop. There were some chairs but they were limited and the shop was small. The drive home was torture. I was in the “I can’t” wait mood every trip. Really, no one should have to endure such pain. Wouldn’t you agree?  If your answer is yes, then take a look at this Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Smoker.

Weber Smokey Mountain 721001 Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Smoker Highlighted Features

  • Large cooking space
  • Constructed of porcelain-enamel steel
  • 2 nickel-plated 18 1/2-inch-wide cooking grates
  • Includes water pan, thermometer, individual air vents on bowl and lid
  • Heat resistant nylon handles and cover
  • 10 year limited warranty

Weber Smokey Mountain 721001 Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Smoker Compared to Similar Products

Weber Smokey Mountain 721001 Cooker 18-1/2-Inch Smoker Pros and Cons


Plenty of cooking space

Nice design

Backed by Weber limited warranty

Generous cooking space

Easy to use

Easy heat control

No rust aluminum doors


None to report at this time

Items Often Purchased With The Weber Smokey Mountain 721001 Cooker 18-1 2-inch Smoker



What Amazon consumers are saying

“It’s fantastic and creates some absolutely delicious food”

“Great unit – if you are interested in slow cooking, this will easily allow you to become a Pit Master with almost no effort”

“Very easy to use Weber system for smoking all types of meats. Not a complicated system to learn to use”

“It is solidly built, very easy to assemble and simple to use. It holds a temperature for a very long time with no messing with it”

“The smoker works great”

4.8 stars out of 5

Weber Smokey Mountain 721001 Cooker compared to Weber 2820 Smokey Mountain Cooker/Smoker

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